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Guide to the modem settings menu

This guide gives you a general introduction to the modem settings menu. Remember, you need to establish a connection to the modem settings menu.

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In Home, you can view general information about your modem.

My Wi-Fi

In My Wi-Fi, you can select different settings for your Wi-Fi. You can change name of or password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot, change wireless channel for the Wi-Fi Hotspot and see the current Wi-Fi Hotspot password.

Connected Devices

In Connected Devices, you can see a list of devices connected to your modem.


In Settings you can change different modem settings, make security changes, forward ports, use file sharing via a connected USB storage device and block websites.


In Restart you can restart your modem and restore the factory default settings.


In Help you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and see links and information on how to get technical support for your modem.

4G Status info

In 4G Status info, you can select settings for your SIM and mobile network.
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