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Start using your router

Before you start using your router, you need to follow the instructions below.

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Remove back cover

Turn the back of your router towards you. Take hold of the back cover and remove it.

Insert SIM

Place your SIM as illustrated next to the SIM holder.
Please note: your router only supports micro SIMs.
Slide your SIM into the SIM holder.
Please note: your router only supports micro SIMs.

Insert battery

Place the battery in your router (top first), matching the battery contacts with the router contacts, and press the battery into place.

Replace back cover

Place the back cover on your router and press it into place.

Turn on your router

Tap and hold On/Off until your router is turned on.

Establishing a connection to the internet

Click the network icon.
Click the name of your Wi-Fi Hotspot.
You can find the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password on the inside of your router and on the router screen.
Click Connect.
Key in the password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and click Next.

Establish a connection to your router's web interface

Open an internet browser and go to http://Optus.AC800S
Click the field below "Sign In" and key in your password for your router.
The default password is password.
Click Sign In.
Click Enter PIN.
Click the field next to "Enter SIM PIN" and key in your PIN. The default PIN is 0000.
If an incorrect PIN is entered three times in a row, your SIM will be blocked. To unblock your SIM, you'll need to key in your PUK. The PUK can be obtained by contacting Customer Service. Please note: If an incorrect PUK is entered ten times in a row, your SIM is blocked permanently. In this case, you'll need a new SIM from Optus.
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