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Guide to the router web interface

This guide gives you a general introduction to the router web interface. Remember, you need to establish a connection to the router web interface.

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In Overview you can see general information about your router, such as information about and number of active connections.


In Status, you can view data usage status and information about network connections.


In Statistics, you can view detailed data traffic information for LAN, mobile network and Wi-Fi respectively.


In Messages, you can view messages from your service provider.


In Network, you can set up your router for internet and select settings for your Wi-Fi Hotspot.


In Application, you can open and forward the router ports.


In Security, you can select settings for the router firewall and set up IP filters.


In Diagnostics, you can view a router event log and do a speed test of the router network.


In System, you can change the router settings such as changing the password for the router web interface and restore the factory default settings.
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