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Guide to router keys and sockets

The list below shows you what the different keys and sockets on your router are used for.

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Power plug

Connect the power supply to the power plug and to a power point.

"TEL" port

Connect an analogue phone to the "TEL" port.

"LAN2/WAN" port

Connect an Ethernet cable to the "LAN2/WAN" port and to a fibre or DSL connection to use your router as a fixed line modem.

"LAN1" port

Connect your computer or game console to the "LAN1" port for a more stable connection.


Tap On/Off to turn your router on or off.

Antenna ports

Connect external antennas to the antenna ports behind the cover to boost the signal.
External antennas can be bought separately.

"RESET" hole

Insert a sharp-pointed object into the small hole next to "RESET" and hold it for at least 10 seconds to restore the factory default settings.

"WPS" button

Tap and hold the "WPS" button for 2-5 seconds to register a wireless WPS device for the Wi-Fi Hotspot.
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