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Turning use of phone lock code on my mobile phone on or off

If you want to prevent others from accessing the contents of your mobile phone (such as pictures and messages), you need to turn on the phone lock code. Once done, it needs to be keyed in when you turn on your mobile phone. Please note: the phone lock code doesn't protect your mobile phone against unauthorised use. Your SIM is protected by turning on your PIN.

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1. Find "Screen lock"

Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone.
Tap Settings.
Tap Security.
Tap Screen lock.

2. Select option

You can create several types of phone lock codes. The following steps show two examples:
Create phone lock code using a pattern, go to 2a.
Create phone lock code using a PIN, go to 2b.
Sony Xperia Z1

3. 2a - Create phone lock code using a pattern

Tap Pattern.
Tap and drag a point to connect at least four points.
Tap Continue.
Repeat the selected phone lock code to confirm.
Tap Confirm.

4. 2b - Create phone lock code using a PIN

Tap PIN.
Key in the required phone lock code and tap Continue.
Key in the phone lock code again and tap OK.

5. Turn off use phone lock code

Tap None.

6. Return to the home screen

Tap the home icon to return to the home screen.
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