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Guide to modem buttons and ports

This list shows you what the different buttons and ports on your modem are used for.

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Power plug

Connect the power supply to the power plug and to a power point.


Tap On/Off to turn your modem on or off.

"DSL" port

Connect the grey network cable to the "DSL" port.

Wall phone socket

Connect a phone to the phone port.

"WAN" port

Connect the red network cable to the "WAN" socket.

"ETH1" port

Connect your computer or game console to the "ETH1" port.

Factory reset button

Tap the Factory reset button to restore the factory default settings.

Front USB port

Connect USB storage device to the front "USB" port.

Back USB port

Connect USB storage device to the back "USB" port.

"Wi-Fi On/Off" button

Tap the "Wi-Fi On/Off" button to turn the Wi-Fi signal on or off.

"WPS" button

Tap the "WPS" button to connect a WPS device.
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