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Using the radio on my mobile phone

Want to use the radio? Follow these easy instructions.

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1. Connect headset

Connect a headset to the headset socket.

2. Find "FM Radio"

Tap the menu icon.
Tap FM Radio.

3. Use the radio

Follow the steps below to use the radio.
HTC Desire X

4. Manual tuning

Tap and drag the indicator right or left to select the required frequency.

5. Automatic tuning

Tap the search forward icon or the search backwards icon to search for channels.
The radio searches for channels in the selected direction and stops when a channel is found.

6. Save channel

Tap Menu.
Tap Add.
Key in a name for the channel and tap Save.

7. Save channels automatically

Tap Menu.
Tap Scan & Save.
Tap OK.

8. Select saved channel

Tap Menu.
Tap Presets.
Tap the required channel.

9. Turn speaker on or off

Tap Menu.
Tap Speaker or Headset (depending on the current setting).

10. Adjust the volume

Tap the upper or lower part of the Volume key to adjust the volume.

11. Exit

Tap Power to turn off the radio.
Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.
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