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Setting up my mobile phone for MMS

Want to set up your mobile phone for MMS? Follow these easy instructions.

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1. Find "Advanced"

Please note that if you have a Prepaid service with Optus you may not be able to access data and MMS on your BlackBerry device. Check this page for details.
Slide your finger left on the display to open the main menu.
Tap Text Messages.
Tap the dots.
Tap Settings.
Tap Text Messages.
Tap Advanced.

2. Enter APN

Tap the field below "APN" and key in mms
An APN (Access Point Name) is used to establish a data connection. In order to send and receive MMS, your mobile phone needs a data connection

3. Enter MMS server

Tap the field below "MMSC URL" and key in

4. Enter IP address

Tap the field below "Proxy URL" and key in Tap the confirm icon.

5. Save data connection

Tap Save.

6. Return to the home screen

Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom edge of the display to return to the home screen.
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