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Making a call with my mobile phone

Follow these easy instructions to make a call.

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1. Choose option

Choose one of the following options:
Enter number, go to 1a.
Find contact in the phone book, go to 1b.
Find number on the call list, go to 1c.
Apple iPhone 3GS

2. 1a - Enter number

Tap Phone.
Tap Keypad.
Key in the required number and tap Call.

3. 1b - Find contact in the phone book

Tap Contacts.
Tap the required contact.
The contact details are displayed.
Tap the required number.

4. 1c - Find number on the call list

Tap Phone.
Tap Recents.
To select a specific call list:
Tap All or Missed.
Tap the required number.

5. End the call

Tap End to end the call.
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