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Using Facebook on my tablet

Want to use Facebook? It's easy, but remember you need to install Facebook on your tablet and create a Facebook profile on before you can use the service.

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1. Find "Facebook"

Tap Facebook.

2. Log on

If it's the first time you use the application, you need to log on.
Apple iPad Air (iOS8)

3. Use Facebook

The following steps describe how you:
Write a status update
Write a private message
Upload a picture
Check in
Apple iPad Air (iOS8)

4. Write status update

Tap Status.
Write your text and tap Post.

5. Write private message

Tap the message icon.
If this is the first time you use the function:
Follow the instructions on the display to install Facebook Messenger.
Tap the new message icon.
Key in the first letters of the required contact.
Matching contacts are displayed.
Tap the required contact.
Tap Type a message....
Write your text and tap Send.
Tap the Facebook icon to return to Facebook.

6. Upload picture

Tap Photo.
To upload a new picture:
Tap the camera icon.
Point the camera lens at the required object and tap the take picture icon.
Tap Use.
To upload a saved picture:
Tap the required picture.
Tap Done.
Tap Say something about this photo....
Write your text and tap Post.

7. Check in

Tap Check In.
To check in at an existing location:
Tap the required location.
To search for a location:
Tap Search for places.
Key in the required search word and tap Search.
Tap the required location.
Write your text and tap Post.

8. Return to the home screen

Tap the Home key to return to the home screen.
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