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Use Find My iPad

Find My iPad enables you to find your tablet if you lose it or you can lock it should it get stolen. To use this function, you need to turn on Find My iPad.

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Connect to iCloud

Open an internet browser on your computer and go to

Find your tablet

Click Find iPhone.
Click All Devices.
Click the name of your tablet.
Your tablet's latest position is displayed on the map.
To see your tablet's latest position, you need to turn on sending of your tablet's latest position.

Play signal tone on your tablet

Click Play Sound.
You can send a signal tone to your tablet which will be played back for two minutes. For the signal tone be played back, your tablet needs to be turned on and be connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi network.

Lock your tablet

Click Lost Mode and follow the instructions on the screen to lock your tablet.
You can lock your tablet with a code and add a message to the tablet screen saying that you've lost your tablet.

Delete all tablet content

Click Erase iPad and follow the instructions on the screen to delete all tablet content. Please note that you will no longer be able to use Find My iPad when you've deleted all tablet content.
You can delete all tablet content to prevent others from accessing it should your tablet get stolen. When you've deleted all content, your tablet needs to be activated using your Apple ID.
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