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Setting up my mobile phone for email

Want to set up your mobile phone for email? Follow these easy instructions.

1. Find "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
2. Create new email account
3. Enter sender name
  • Tap Name and key in the name you want to use as sender name in your emails.
4. Enter email address
  • Tap Address and key in your email address.
5. Enter password
  • Tap Password and key in the password for your email account.
6. Enter email account name
  • Tap Description and key in a name for your email account (such as Private or Work).
  • Tap Next.
7. Select option
  • If this image is displayed:
    • Follow steps 8 through 10.
  • If this image is displayed:
    • Follow steps 11 through 17.
8. Select synchronisation settings
9. Select settings for retrieval of new emails
10. Exit
11. Select server type
12. Enter incoming server
  • Tap Host Name below Incoming Mail Server.
  • Key in the name or the IP address of your email provider's incoming server.
  • If Optus is your email provider, key in as your incoming server.
13. Enter username
14. Enter outgoing server
15. Save information
16. Select settings for retrieval of new emails
17. Exit
iPhone 4S (iOS5)